Breaking Barriers & Living with Gratitude with Laura Okmin, FOX Sport Broadcaster

For more than 25 years Laura Okmin has been covering the biggest names in sports on the biggest stages. But what Laura is most known for, and most proud of, is the connections she has cultivated over two decades of building relationships … not sources.

You’ll find Laura on the sidelines for the NFL on FOX and Westwood One’s NFL national radio games. She’s covered more than 10 Super Bowls, hosted Olympic coverage from the London, Sochi and Pyeongchang Games, and reported from multiple World Series and NBA and NHL championships. Laura began her broadcasting career as a Sports Reporter/Anchor in Montgomery, AL, Chattanooga, TN and Sports Channel in Chicago, where she traveled with the Chicago Bulls during their championship run leading to an Emmy Award.

Always passionate about her job, GALVANIZE gave Laura a purpose: Training and mentoring young women entering the sports world on – and more importantly – OFF camera. Its genesis was to give young women something Laura didn’t have growing up in this business … a network of other women.


In this podcast, Laura and Cindra talk about:

  • The steps to build relationships not sources
  • The empowering part about being a female in the sport reporting industry
  • Her mental preparation to go live in front of millions
  • How her deals with the ‘haters’
  • How she reframed her mother’s death

3:57 – What Laure is passionate about and what she does now

6:54 – How she got to where she is now.

10:38 – How Laura came to know who she is and how we can apply it to our lives.

14:57 – What adversity has Laura faced and how did that help make her who she is.

18:07 – Some lessons Laura learned from her mother.

23:00 – Laure speaks on GALvanize.

28:01 – What it means that girls compete, women empower.

38:35 – Advice on how to build relationships without coming across as ‘flirty’.

43:43 – How Laura has felt empowered being a woman in sports broadcasting.

53:56 – What separates professional athletes and coaches from a mental standpoint in Laura’s opinion?

56:22 – Understanding the purpose behind the passion.

1:01:17 – Laura’s perspective on how the best show up and build relationships.

1:03:47 – How Laura mentally prepares to go on air.

1:09:37 – What key points Dr. Kamphoff took away from the interview.

“Make your heart your face.” – @LauraOkmin
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“Figure out your story first.” – @LauraOkmin
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“Girls compete, women empower.” – @LauraOkmin
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“Elite athletes and coaches understand that there is a purpose behind the passion.” – @LauraOkmin
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“When your heart joins the talent and it’s not just your body that’s incredible, it’s not just what you can do but the reason why you’re doing it. When it all lines up, that’s when everything is so incredible.” – @LauraOkmin
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