Compete Like a Champion with Dr. Larry Lauer, USTA Mental Skills Specialist

Larry Lauer is the Director of Player Development for the US Tennis Association. In this role, he is also a mental skills specialist working with the most elite tennis players in the U.S. to help accelerate them from juniors to pros. He works with athletic coaches to help them support and develop their athletes.

In this interview, he talks about how three things separate the best in the world: 1) an unbelievable work ethic focused on always getting better, 2) a commitment to the process that doesn’t bear fruit for some time, and 3) passion for what they do.

We talk about how the best are almost solely focused on the process (about 95% of the time), but they check in with their outcome goals periodically throughout the season – perhaps every quarter, he suggests. Or, they use their outcome goals to stay motivated and pushing themselves during training.

Other topics discussed:
• His “Breath and Believe” Strategy
• 3 Steps to Command the Moment
• 3 Things the Best Coaches Do

You find Larry on twitter at @LarryLauer or email him at

[tweet_dis2] If you park your evaluation of your outcome goal, you will be more consistent overtime. @LarryLauer via @Mentally_Strong[/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2] A key to high performance: be your best self as often as possible. @LarryLauer via @Mentally_Strong[/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2] Big goals help you in training to keep pushing yourself & stay motivated. @LarryLauer via @Mentally_Strong[/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2] Visualize what you want to do. Then COMMIT! @LarryLauer via @Mentally_Strong[/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2] Accept what is going on. Remember, you can only control your response. @LarryLauer via @Mentally_Strong[/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2] Coaches – you owe it to your athletes to show you care about them & to demonstrate tough love. @LarryLauer via via @Mentally_Strong[/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2] Respect all, Fear none. Respect everyone you play, but embrace the challenge. @LarryLauer via @Mentally_Strong[/tweet_dis2]