What the Best Do Differently, Dr. Katy Tran Turner, CMPC, Mental Performance Coach for the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres

Dr. Katy Tran Turner currently serves as the Mental Performance Coach for the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills. Her primary role in this position is helping players and coaches optimize their performance by applying psychological skills and she supports the organization’s efforts to optimize the performance environment.

Katy also worked with Soldiers and their families at Fort Bragg, NC as part of the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program. Katy earned her doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Florida State University, her master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University, and her undergraduate degrees in Biology and Exercise & Sport Science from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she played goalie for the varsity field hockey team.

Her areas of research interest are in performance enhancement techniques, team coordination, and leadership development.

In this interview, Katy and Cindra talk about:

* The differences she sees in the mindset between NFL and NHL athletes

* The importance of a pre-performance routine

* How the best implement the mental game

* What the best do different related to the mental game

* How to “park it”

* How her dissertation research informs her practice


[tweet_dis2]”One of the things that I’ve learned really from the guys that I work with is, it doesn’t matter if you just made the best play ever, you can’t dwell on that either. It doesn’t matter if you just made the worst play ever, you can’t dwell on that either. it’s all about learning and moving forward and then preparing for the next play that’s coming at you.” – Dr. Katy Tran Turner  [/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”I’m just going to parking lot it and come back to it later, I’m just going to park it for now and revisit it later. And then the next important step is refocusing on something that is task relevant coming up in the next play.” – Dr. Katy Tran Turner  [/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”The social nature of sport changes the way that we think, it changes the way we make decisions, it changes the way we process information.” – Dr. Katy Tran Turner [/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”The way an individual makes a decision or processes information is different when they are surrounded by their teammates.” – Dr. Katy Tran Turner [/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”What do you know about your teammates’ preferences and tendencies? Because if you now those preferences and tendencies then you can help them process information and make decisions faster because you know what they are going to do. And likewise they know what you’re going to do if you share that information really INTENTIONALLY.” – Dr. Katy Tran Turner  [/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”If you’re building something knew [culture] it has to be delivered from every angle…I have found that it is really helpful when it comes from everyone. Not just the head coach, not just form the leadership group, but also the support staff.” – Dr. Katy Tran Turner  [/tweet_dis2]