Your Belief Must Be Greater Than Your Doubt with Katherine Reutter-Adamek, Olympian, World Champion, and American Record Holder

Katherine Reutter-Adamek is an American record holder, World Champion, and two-time Olympic medalist in short track speedskating. She is an Olympic Silver and Bronze Medalist.

After several injuries and surgeries following the 2011 season Katherine was forced to retire. She moved to Milwaukee to coach for three years before deciding to make a comeback for the 2018 Olympia Games. Coaching, along with a few great sports psychology consultants, has widened her perspective and helped her embrace a growth mindset. Through out the next two seasons she learned lessons from both triumph and failure that led her to pursue a career in public speaking and share her experiences about the mental game.


In this interview, Katherine and Cindra talk about:

  • Her journey to the Olympic Games
  • How the best handle failure
  • What her sport psychology consultants taught her about the mental game
  • How you can fight pressure with gratitude
  • Why she applies concepts like SEE and Expect the Expected (see Episode 162)
  • How to handle disappointments


You can find Katherine at and on Twitter at @katreutter and Cindra on Twitter at @Mentally_Strong.



“You can fight pressure with gratitude. You can always find someone or something to be grateful for.” @katreutter
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“Your sport psych gives you the tools. But you need to practice it.” @katreutter
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“Your belief in yourself needs to be greater than any doubt.” @katreutter
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“You can waste that failure by taking it personally or you can see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.” @katreutter
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“When you experience a disappointment, put it in a box. Look it over from an outside perspective. What if this wasn’t me? What if I this happened to someone else?” @katreutter
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