5 Mental Skills the Elite Master with Josh Lifrak, Mental Skills Expert and Professional Speaker

Josh Lifrak served as the Director of the Mental Skills Program for the Chicago Cubs from 2014 to 2019. His greatest passion is to help people discover their full potential. He has been a part of six national championship with the most recent being the 2016 World Series with the Chicago Cubs. Josh holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science with a specialization in Sports Psychology from Ithaca College. He has been a leader in the mental training and mindfulness industry for the past fifteen years, and has helped many teams, individuals, and businesses reach peak performance. On his off-time Josh enjoys extreme sports, Yoga and meditation, and spending time with his family.

In this podcast, Josh and Cindra talk about:

• How mindset played a key factor in the Chicago Clubs winning the World Series in 2015
• Why all 3 types of thoughts have value – even the negative thoughts
• How to address thinking that doesn’t serve you
• Why reaching your goals is all about the process
• His recommendation related to how often we should meditate
• Why journaling is key to your success

You can find a full description of the Podcast at cindrakamphoff.com/joshlifrak.

You can find Josh at https://www.joshualifrak.com/.

“The reality is with the right ingredients, a lot of belief, with accumulative cultivate culture that is all about each other and all about doing something bigger than themselves, anything is possible.” – @lifrakattack
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“Thoughts are the drivers of your behaviors and your actions which are ultimately your results. I have got to make sure that I’m clued into that and not just going through the motions.” – @lifrakattack
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“The ones who are highly successful, its process, process, process and that’s based on an outcome.” – @lifrakattack
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“It’s not if you get negative, its not if you forget your goals, its how long do you stay there before you get back on track.” – @lifrakattack
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“Lessons are learned when actions change. You can write notes about what you learned but until you actually change your behavior, the lesson is going to keep repeating itself.” – @lifrakattack
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