What We Need to Know about Neuroscience with Dr. John Molidor, CSP, Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University

Have you ever wondered how your brain really works, how it sometimes drifts away, or why you sometimes talk to yourself? In this podcast, we will translate some of the brain science into applicable, doable, and easily implemented steps for higher performance.

Dr. John B. Molidor, CSP, works with individuals, leaders, and organizations to understand how their brains work, to use their brains more efficiently, and to avoid making bad decisions. He learned much of this from his undergraduate years at the University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, Minnesota) and then at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine (East Lansing and Flint, Michigan) working with medical students, residents, and faculty.

John is currently a Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, a Past President of the National Speakers Association, a Past President of the Global Speakers Federation, and the recent recipient of the Cavett Award from the National Speakers Association.
In this episode, Dr. John and Cindra discuss:

  • The brain’s main function
  • How to break the pattern of limiting beliefs
  • Why we each need to practice his AARP concept
  • Why we pay more attention to stories
  • And many other brain strategies for us to be our best more often

“If there is no sell-awareness, there is no behavior change.” @Mentally_Strong 
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“A good sleep is your best therapy.” @Mentally_Strong
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“If you want to change behavior, you have to change the nervous system.” @Mentally_Strong 
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