How to Have a Silent Impact with Keynote Speaker & TV Sports Anchor, Joe Schmit

Great leaders are the happiest, most productive people because they have discovered how to lead a life of significance. It’s all about making an impact.

Joe Schmit has been interviewing and researching influential people discovering the factors that truly make an impact in the lives of others.

He is a storyteller who has spent 30 years as sports anchor for KSTP-TV (ABC-Minneapolis/St. Paul) and has been awarded 18 Emmy’s and a National Headliner Award.

Joe’s keynote, workshops, video series and book help individuals and teams put those principles into practice and make a true impact.

In this podcast, Joe and Cindra talk about:

· What is the silent impact

· The blueprint to have a silent impact

· Lessons he learned from interviewing the world’s best

· How to use impact resolutions

· And what is the “Mount Rushmore of Influence”?


6:40 – Why Joe chose to speak and write about a silent impact.

10:00 – What Joe learned while writing his book.

11:15 – What is a “silent impact”.

13:45 – How can you keep your impact front and center.

20:55 – Who Joe has seen make a silent impact.

30:45 – Mount Rushmore of influence example.

43:45 – What Joe sees the best athletes do.

“We make our biggest impression when we aren’t trying to be impressive.” – @JoeSchmitKSTP
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“People who have the impact gene are more aware and intentional with their impact.” – @JoeSchmitKSTP
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“There’s one thing every generation has in common. They all want to be acknowledged, they all want to feel value, they all want to be validated.  As leaders, it is our job to provide that.” – @JoeSchmitKSTP
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“There’s so much negativity in the world these days, we all need to figure out how to be more positive.” – @JoeSchmitKSTP 
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