Developing the Mind of a Champion with Dr. Jim Taylor, Sport Psychologist

In this interview, Dr. Jim Taylor talks about what it means to think like a champion. He discusses that we need to strive for excellence instead of perfection, and how the need to be perfect can get in our way of peak performance. Perfection leads to an unwillingness to take risks, fear of failure, and pressure. It is never attainable. He describes how peak performance is complex. He also talks about how failure is like a mountain lion that can eat you!

You can find Jim at @drjimtaylor or where you can find information about his online courses and services.

[tweet_dis2]”A key is to fully realize your potential – that is where your mind comes in!”[/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”There is no other option than to give it your all. Throw yourself into it.”[/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”If you take your shot, good things will happen.”[/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”Performance is a complex activity just like humans are complex creatures.”[/tweet_dis2]