Choose a Life by Design with Dr. Jermaine M. Davis, Motivational Speaker, Author, & Coach

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis is Founder & CEO of Jermaine M. Davis Seminars & Workshops, Inc., a personal and professional development company that creates customized presentations, learning resources, and educational materials. Top organizations such as 3M, Penn State, Best Buy, Caterpillar, Sam’s Club, Prudential, West Point Military Academy, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car regularly seek out Dr. Jermaine’s expertise.


As a teenager, Dr. Jermaine began studying principles of success, and with the encouragement of mentors and teachers, he enrolled in college. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication from Elmhurst College, he became the first person in his family to graduate from college! He continued his education by earning a Master’s in Speech Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University.


Dr. Jermaine has authored and co-authored ten books on topics of academic success, diversity and inclusion, leadership.


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In this interview, Jermaine and Cindra talk about:


– His lessons learned growing up in the Henry Horner Housing Projects in a single parent home
– What he learned from the death of his brother Greg
– Why honesty and vulnerabililty matters
– His C + R = Success or Failure formula
– How to build your SWVs
– 3 benefits of a crystal clear vision
– The differences between your PVGs – purpose, vision and goals

You can contact Jermaine at or on Twitter at @JermaineMDavis.


“You have to change the approach to get the result you want.” @JermaineMDavis
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“Circumstances + Response = Success or Failure.”  @JermaineMDavis
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“Which do you choose? A life by design or a life by default? A life by chance or a life by choice?” @JermaineMDavis
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“Your purpose is what your life wants to do with you.” @JermaineMDavis
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