Win the Small Things Daily to Build Consistency with Ian Warner, Olympian and CEO of Kho Labs

Ian Warner is a Canadian track athlete specializing in the 100 meters. On June 30, 2012, he finished second behind his brother, Justin, in the 100 meters at the 2012 Nationals Track & Field Championships in Calgary to make his first Olympic team.


He is the founder of Kho Labs, which is a mobile technology that connects injured athletes with local health care providers. Ian is also a self-published author, an avid reader (he read 100 books in 2017), and runs a website called


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In this interview, Ian and Cindra talk about:

  • His keys to success and making it to the Olympics
  • Ian’s disappointment at the Olympic Games
  • How his experiences with injury led him to develop a new APP for athletes
  • Why we should approach everything with a long-term mindset
  • And his recommendations after reading 100 books in 2017


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Winning the small things day to day to day is the way you develop consistency in your performance.” @Kho_Labs
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You need to focus on the stair in front of you, but know where all the stairs are.” @Kho_Labs
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I am going to take ownership. I am in control of how I move forward.’ If you don’t take this mentality, you are a victim – a puppet on a string.” @Kho_Labs
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Feed your mind with the realities of success.” @Kho_Labs
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