CBS “Survivor” Talk Passion & Never Giving Up

Born and raised in Eureka, South Dakota, Holly Hoffman was the last remaining member of the Espada Tribe and the last woman standing on Season 21 of CBS’ hit reality show “Survivor Nicaragua”. Through that experience, and others throughout her life, Holly was inspired to share her message of positivity, determination, and confidence with business leaders, teachers, and students across the nation.

A professional speaker and the author of Your Winner Within and Write Yourself a Note, Holly acknowledges that life is made up of challenges, and we are oftentimes faced with situations that seem insurmountable. But within each of us is an ability to focus our thoughts, emotions, and energy to succeed—if only we have the knowledge, tools, and discipline to do so.

Holly is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and travels the country speaking to schools and universities, healthcare organizations, women’s organizations, community leaders, and business professionals.

A lifelong resident of America’s heartland, Holly graduated from her hometown high school in Eureka, South Dakota, and then attended Northern State University. Holly is the proud mother of three wonderful children and several grandchildren.

In this podcast, Holly and Cindra talk about:

· The surprising person to helped her not give up on Survivor

· The life-changing advice she received from Jeff Probst, the host of “Survivor”

· How anyone can make a new ending

· Why your power is within

· And the 6 words that guided her during and after Survivor

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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – @HollyHoffmanS21
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“People can tell you that you can do things but YOU are the one who has to believe them.” – @HollyHoffmanS21 
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“Life is not about excuses.” – @HollyHoffmanS21
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“Sometimes in life we are too quick to judge, too quick to get angry. Sometimes we just need to take 10 seconds to breathe and just relax a little bit.” – @HollyHoffmanS21
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“If there’s something that you want to do in your life, don’t ever let yourself or anyone else hold you back from doing it.” – @HollyHoffmanS21
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“Working in an office can be like living in a jungle. You have to work with people that  may get under your skin and you have to learn to adjust and adapt. You have to switch your mindset.” – @HollyHoffmanS21
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