Managing Your Energy & Focus with BJ Hellyer, Fortune 100 Company Executive

BJ Hellyer has over 22 years of experience in the financial industry. He started as an intern, spent 10 years as Chief Development Officer, and is now Managing Partner. He received his degree from Drake University in Bank Management and Investments. He is an experienced leader in business planning, developing talent and entrepreneurship. BJ believes that “leaders are readers” and that “we become the average of what the 5 most influential people expect of us.”  

In this podcast, BJ and Cindra talk about:

  • Similarities between the mindset of financial advising and sports
  • Ways to become a master of your morning
  • What he means by Return on Energy and Return on Relationships
  • Strategies to master your calendar and focus on high value activities
  • Ways to lead yourself
  • What culture is to him and how he works to build his culture

You can find more about BJ at here.

“Advice paid for is advice taken.” – BJ Hellyer
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“Fulfillment is when joy and hunger intersect.” – BJ Hellyer
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“The thing that separates the best is the unwavering commitment to their purpose and why the are doing it.” – BJ Hellyer
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“If I chose to lead and set up my environment to master myself and master the morning. Then priorities tend to fall in place because I have led the hardest person first, myself.” – BJ Hellyer
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