How to Focus on the Right Thing at the Right Time with Hannah Huesman, Mental Skills Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies

Hannah Huesman, M.S., is a Mental Skills Coach with the Philadelphia Phillies. She is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Before joining the Phillies, she was a Mental Performance Coach with Sport Strata, a New York based firm focuses on teaching skills and techniques proven to increase characteristics of peak mental performance.

Hannah received her Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and Motor Learning from the University of Tennessee, and played Division I softball and basketball at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She has a series on Instagram and LinkedIn called “Mental Sweat Mondays.”

 In this podcast, Hannah and Cindra talk about:

  • How she developed her own confidence
  • What’s it is like working in professional baseball as a female
  • Why confidence is up to you
  • How mental skills need to be practiced proactively not reactively
  • What it means to focus on the right thing at the right time
  • And how self-awareness is “the” foundational skill

0:26 – Introduction

2:52 – Beginning of Interview 

3:15 – Hannah’s Passion & Background

6:39 – How Hannah Found Success as a Young Woman in a Male Professional Sport World 

9:42 – Top 2 Tips on How Hannah Developed Her Confidence 

15:46 – A Time Hannah Failed and What She Learned From It. 

20:52 – Mental Sweat Mondays 

27:15 – Being Proactive vs. Reactive 

29:23 – Mental Skills Hannah Thinks Makes a Difference in High Level Athletes 

30:51 – Why Hannah Thinks Self Awareness is so Important 

33:24 – What Mental Toughness Means to Hannah 

40:15 – Comparison is Fatal to Performance 

43:07 – Hannah’s Perspective on Failure and How to Rebound 

45:48 – How to Connect with Hannah 

46:25 – Hannah’s Final Thoughts 

46:56 – Summary 


“I was constantly looking for my confidence from other people in college. I then realized it has to come from within because others won’t always be there. If I’m not confident in myself others won’t be either.” – Hannah Huesman 
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“I believe in realism with an optimistic cherry on top. Looking at situation that’s in front of us and how to find the positive in it.” – Hannah Huesman
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“Life is Mental Skills. If you’re alive and you’re breathing you are performing.  In your relationships. In your job. As a sister, daughter, friend. Which means you need to be checking in to your mental skills not just your physical self.” – Hannah Huesman
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“Why wait until all things are hitting the fan and at our lowest point to practice mental skills. Just like you don’t wait until your teeth fall out to go to the dentist.” – Hannah Huesman
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“If you do not know what’s going on upstairs there is no way you can change it. That’s why awareness is so important.  Without awareness you cannot practice other mental skills.” – Hannah Huesman
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“Mental toughness to me is thinking of and focusing on the right thing at the right time.” – Hannah Huesman
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“If we are focusing too much on others and their successes. We are wasting energy on figuring out how we can improve and become successful.” – Hannah Huesman
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