Managing and Leading Through Change and Adversity with Jacob Green

Jacob Green, who has been tasked with his company’s response plan during COVID-19, joins me today on the podcast.

Jacob is a nationally recognized leadership and emergency management expert. As the #2 executive in a large city overseeing 1200 employees and a $500 million budget, Jacob was responsible for emergency management, risk management, and a variety of public safety functions. Jacob now provides leadership development, training, and coaching services through his roles as Managing Director at Interwest Consulting Group and CEO of 

Clients such as FedEx, Mattel, Hyundai Capital, Scripps, the US Air Force, and many other private and public organizations have hired Jacob to help their teams navigate change, leverage adversity and build organizational resilience.

His new book “See Change Clearly” is an Amazon New Release Best Seller and hit #1 in five new release business categories.

We talk:

  • How to lead through adversity and change in this time
  • How he is supporting 1200 employees across many companies through this change
  • Why overcommunicate is key to leaders during this time
  • Do’s and Don’t related to the language you use to lead and keep service front and center.
  • Individual tools and strategies YOU can use to cope
  • And, why we all need “do-over-days” right now


“The best thing we can do in leadership positions is to give people something to do. Create a structure and system where people feel like they can contribute, make an impact, and be part of a larger plan to help to carry out the mission of the organization. ” – Jacob Green
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“The organization will reflect what the leader brings to the table. It’s about bringing authentic calming leadership to the table. – Jacob Green
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“What can I learn right now in this challenge that will help me in the years to come?” – Jacob Green 
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“It’s about being authentic with your people, your own concerns and fears. Then transition to channeling that energy into ways people can be productive and create an impact in your companies.” – Jacob Green 
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“Three steps to create a contingency plan and the “If… Then…” Process: What could occur? Who is impacted and what is the impact? Then give tools and solutions that could deal with these things.” – Jacob Green 
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