How the Best in the World Excel with Dr. Graig Chow, Florida State University

Graig Chow is an Assistant Professor of Sport Psychology at Florida State University where he is the Program Coordinator and Director of Supervision and Practicum. Dr. Chow is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, and Research & Practice Division Head of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.


In his position as an Assistant Professor at FSU, Dr. Chow teaches courses in supervision in sport psychology and group dynamics in sport. He is currently a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, American Psychological Association, and North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity.


Dr. Chow has published in several sport psychology and psychology journals, such as Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Journal of Sports Sciences, Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, Addiction Research & Theory, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, and Psychological Assessment.


In this interview, Graig and Cindra talk about:

  • 4 components of his practice in sport and performance psychology
  • How the best in the world stay excel and stay driven
  • The best way to reflect post event
  • How to identify your core values
  • How he uses mindfulness and motivational interviewing in his practice
  • How he helps athletes address the yips

You can contact Graig at or on Twitter at @DrGraigChow.

“There just thoughts and emotions. We don’t need to judge them. We just need to tolerate them.” @DrGraigChow
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“Failure is the ultimate motivator. You define how you see failure.”  @DrGraigChow
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“When it feels uncomfortable and excitement, that’s the sign of opportunity.” @DrGraigChow
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“How do you tolerate anxiety in the pursuit of value-drive behavior? Say “yes” quickly!” @DrGraigChow
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