A Brain-Friendly Workplace with Dr. Erika Garms, Speaker, Consultant & Author

Are you always looking for ways to better understand yourself and others? Would you like to hear what tremendous impact a few big ideas from brain science hold for you? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these, you’re going to be glad you’re here.

Dr. Erika Garms is a workplace effectiveness expert with a gift for translating powerful scientific theory to everyday workplace practice. She has been a consultant with management consulting firms — local startups to global. She has also been a teacher, professor, internal OD consultant, unit manager, and now runs her own firm.

In this interview, Erika describes a brain-friendly workplace and includes three components: calm, confidence, and doing what you are good at. She describes the outcomes of developing a brain-friendly workplace and her model that guides her work with clients.

Erika also talks about her powerful experience that lead her to study and understand the topic which included a heart attack and post-traumatic stress.

You can find more about Erika and her company, Working Smarts, at workingsmarts.com and connect with her on Twitter @Erika_Garms. Her book, The Brain-Friendly Workplace: 5 Big Ideas from Neuroscience that Address Organizational Challenge” is also available on workingsmarts.com.

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“Remember, everyone is doing the best they possibly can. This one shift in perspective can make a world of difference.” @Erika_Garms via @Mentally_Strong
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“If you can change your brain, you can change you.” @Erika_Garms via @Mentally_Strong
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“Revel in your talents. Don’t hide them. Embrace your smarty pants!” @Erika_Garms via @Mentally_Strong
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“Develop a brain-friendly workplace. When you do, you will have more involvement, connection & higher performance.” @Erika_Garms via @Mentally_Strong
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