Get a Strong Mind with Eric Bean, Certified Mental Performance Consultant

Dr. Eric Bean is the Director of High Performance for HigherEchelon, Inc. As a high performance and leadership consultant, Eric has worked with Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, surgeons, business professionals, and athletes. After receiving his PhD, Eric worked with various Soldier populations, including Special Forces, intact infantry squads, and Wounded Warriors. Eric also created a comprehensive program for surgical and non-surgical residents at Madigan Army Medical Center.


Following his work with the Army, Eric was recruited to work with the Navy SEALs at the Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC) in Coronado, California. He provided mental skills training to Navy SEALs and candidates, as well as leadership development for the cadre. Dr. Bean is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (AASP) and works with individuals and teams to strengthen their ability to lead others, maximize team functioning, perform at an elite level under high-pressure conditions, and maintain consistency despite changing circumstances.


Eric is a published, peer-reviewed author who lives in San Diego with his wife, two young sons, and two dogs.

In this interview, Eric shares with us:


  • What separates the world’s best from the rest
  • Why an understanding of self and our values is at the foundation of high performance
  • The difference between meditation and mindfulness
  • Why we need to separate self from our thoughts
  • How to identify our mission statement and our shadow mission
  • The difference between our absolute best and relative best


You can contact Eric on Twitter at @GetaStrongMind and at and Cindra on Twitter at  @Mentally_Strong.


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“The world’s best have a deep clarity of who they are and do not waver from who they are.” @GetaStrongMind
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“High performance starts with leading yourself. You need clarity of who you are and self-regulation skills. Then, you can lead and help others.” @GetaStrongMind
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“Your shadow mission is the values and behaviors you don’t want to create. It’s as important as determining your mission statement. To determine your shadow mission, consider the behaviors that generate a world you don’t want to live in.” @GetaStrongMind
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“Even if you can only give 60%, give 100% of that 60% and know it was the best you could give in that moment.” @GetaStrongMind
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“Acceptance is just that. You accept the thought for what it is, separating self from the thought. You decide if you will give attention to the thought or not.” @GetaStrongMind
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“To be our absolute best, all conditions have to be perfect. Our relative best is our best in the moment with the conditions we have. Examine what your best is in the moment and conditions you’re given.” @GetaStrongMind
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