Dial in and Focus with Dr. Duncan Simpson, Mental Conditioning at IMG Academy

Duncan Simpson, Assistant Head of Mental Conditioning at IMG Academy, is passionate about working with people to maximize their potential and help them accomplish what they haven’t. In this interview, he talks about how focus, not confidence, is the most important mental skill. The best focus on the right things at the right time. The key is to detect distractions and dial in for 1 minute, which he describes how to do.

Duncan describes that confidence is a belief state. Confidence is not an emotional state. It doesn’t matter how you feel. When you are performing, there is no reason to change how we feel. Instead, he suggests we move on and shift our focus.

Towards the end of the interview, he describes that motivation is a lie. It is discipline that is key to high performance.

Other gems that Duncan discussed include:
• His “Time Machine” exercise
• 4 parts of a routine: physical, technical, tactical, and mental.
• How to layer imagery
• His epic failure that helped him get to where he is today

You can follow Duncan on Twitter @SportPsychDunc or email him at duncan.simpson@img.com.

The key to high performance is to focus on the right things at the right time. @SportPsychDunc via @Mentally_Strong
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Confidence is not a feeling state. it is a belief system. @SportPsychDunc via @Mentally_Strong
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I don’t care how you feel. I care what you focus on! @SportPsychDunc via @Mentally_Strong
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Don’t let your mind go to the past when your body can’t go there. Think of a time machine! @SportPsychDunc via @Mentally_Strong
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“Champions work when no one is watching.” Craig Wrisberg @SportPsychDunc via @Mentally_Strong
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Motivation is a lie – it comes and goes. It’s discipline that is key to high performance! @SportPsychDunc via @Mentally_Strong
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