The Formula for Success with Mental Game Coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn

Patrick Cohn, Mental Game Coach, tells us that focusing on the process over the outcome leads to the results we desire. He explains his formula for success which is no exceptions + high confidence + manageable objectives.

He shares 4 things that separate the best from the rest: they have a strong base of physical skills, high motivation, an incredible work ethic, and confidence/trust in themselves.

The 3 things that most likely get in people’s way of performing at their best is a fear of failure, perfectionism, and the fear of disappointing others. When athletes experience perfectionism, he encourages them to focus on embracing the imperfection and focusing on getting the job done instead.

“Focusing on the process leads to the desired results.” @PeakSports
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“Instead of being perfect, work to get the job done. Focus on winning ugly.” @PeakSports 
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“When you are worried about disappointing others, ask yourself, “What assumptions am I making?”  @PeakSports 
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You can find Patrick on Twitter @PeakSports. To get your free Ebook, visit, where he has a wealth of resources and products.


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