Find What You Love to Do and Other Wisdom from Dr. Michael Sachs, Temple University

In this interview, Dr. Michael Sachs starts by talking about the importance of countering excuses and his passion to help people become more active. He talks about the importance of making exercise a lifetime endeavor and finding an activity that you love to do. The keys to the #1 excuse people give to not exercising (which is time) is to: 1) prioritize exercise, and 2) multitask if needed. He also provides us with the 2% solution and question us: “Is your health worth the 2% needed each day for physical and mental health benefits?” Towards the middle of the interview, he shares other wisdom such as a story about Dr. Seuss failing, how success is a journey not a destination, and how high performers “Carpe diem or Seize the Day.” To connect with Michael, you can email him at

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Find something you love to do. Then keep doing it. Dr. Sachs via @Mentally_Strong

Give yourself the 2% solution – gift yourself with 2% of your day with exercise and be more productive and happier. Dr. Sachs via @Mentally_Strong

Who Theodor Geisel? That’s Dr. Seuss who was rejected by 27 publishers before selling 600 million copies. #persistence Dr. Sachs via @Mentally_Strong

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Take a chance on yourself! Dr. Sachs via @Mentally_Strong


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