The Great Ones with Don Yaeger, New York Times Bestselling Author, Award-winning Certified Speaking Professional & Executive Coach

Don Yaeger is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, longtime Associate Editor of Sports Illustrated, and author of over 30 books, eleven of which have become New York Times Best-sellers. Don left Sports Illustrated in 2008 to pursue a public speaking career that has allowed him to share stories learned from the greatest winners of our generation with audiences as diverse as Fortune 10 companies to cancer survivor groups, where he shares his personal story.

More than a quarter-million people have heard his talks on “What Makes the Great Ones Great.” He is an award-winning Certified Speaking Professional, an executive coach and team culture expert.


In this interview, Catherine and Cindra talk about:

  • Characteristics of the great ones
  • How the great ones respond in moments of adversity
  • Habits of high performing teams
  • What separates the great teams from others
  • How successful teams use meetings


Contact Don on Twitter @donyaeger and Cindra on Twitter at @Mentally_Strong.



“How do you respond in the moments of adversity? The ability you have to change the narrative is the piece of the puzzle that most of us are missing.”@donyaeger
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“The great ones see adversity as the moment to stand out, not give up.”@donyaeger
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“A loss is not a failure until it is an excuse.”@donyaeger
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“The great teams ask themselves, ‘Why does our team come together? Does it matter to who? Who are we playing for? What happens if we fail?’ They know the answers and feel the answers [to these questions].”@donyaeger
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“The great teams have a role of comradery. They think: ‘I appreciate you and you bring something great to the team.”@donyaeger
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