Getting to Clarity with Debbie Peterson, Business Keynote Speaker, Career Mindset Strategist & Author

Debbie Peterson is President, Business Keynote Speaker and Career Mindset Strategist at Getting to Clarity. She has successfully worked with professionals at various stages of their career in corporations, associations, and charitable organizations to accelerate professional success.

As a professional speaker, she helps audiences to develop an elevated mindset for accelerated results in their career. Debbie has 25+ years in Corporate with experience in Administration, Project Management, and Investor Relations. She is a certified Trainer of NLP at the Master Practitioner level and has spent over nine years studying, designing and delivering keynotes, workshops, and corporate trainings using Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) as a foundation.

Debbie is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, Women’s Speakers Association, and an author with her book, Clarity: The Smart Professionals Guide to Creating Success on Your Terms, just released.

On a personal note, Debbie boycotts winter and chases sunshine from Pennsylvania to Florida each year with her husband, Tom.

In this podcast, Debbie and Cindra talk about:

  • What happens when you don’t have clarity
  • How mistakes serve you to get to the next level
  • How to do more of what you were meant to do
  • How responsibility allows you to take reasons into results
  • The 3 Cs to change your focus

0:26 – Interview Introduction

3:30 – How Debbie Got to Where She is Now 

8:00 – Why it is Important for Us to Get to Clarity?

11:15 – A Mistake is a Choice that Doesn’t Serve You Well. 

12:30 – A Mistake Debbie Made and What She Learned From It. 

15:20 – How Responsibility Leads to Clarity 

18:02 – How Accountability is Related to Clarity 

21:20 – That to Which You Give Focus Expands

26:50 – A Time Debbie Stepped Out of Her Comfort Zone 

30:10 – Learning How to Say No. 

32:10 – Striving to Thrive with Five 

34:40 – A-Squad Clarity Questions

43:20 – How to Connect with Debbie

44:05 – Summary

“When you don’t have clarity it makes it hard for you to take action. you can’t hit a bullseye without a target.” – Debbie Peterson
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“Your values are your motivation.” – Debbie Peterson
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“A mistake is an opportunity for feedback. Mistakes serves us because it means we are moving forward, and that we are not stuck.” – Debbie Peterson
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“The days I step out of my comfort zone are ones that lead me to who I’m meant to be.” – Debbie Peterson
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“Responsibility is what happens between reasons and results. Responsibility is how we get out of the blaming and victim mindset and move towards the results we are looking for.” – Debbie Peterson
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“Not everyone who is with you is for you.” – Debbie Peterson
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