The Mindset of Investing with Expert & Podcaster, Chris Hanson

Chris Hanson worked in sales for IBM for nearly 20 years. At 28, he began spending nights and weekends learning the stock market; the goal was time freedom. He got there in 2002 at age 40, and walked away from the j-o-b.

Not long thereafter, people began approaching him saying, “I want to walk away like you did, show me how”, so he started, a stock market workshop that teaches the methods he uses.

Around the time he was leaving, a 21 yr old co-worker was also studying the stock market; he retired at 30. They started a podcast, Investing From The Beach, where they discuss the mindset that is required to achieve time freedom.

Whether it’s real estate or the stock market, most people only focus on the “how to do” of investing. Starting out, they both also made that same mistake. They both realized that to achieve time freedom, the “how to think” is the most important ingredient. Most people don’t ever recognize that; that’s why so few people are able to achieve time freedom. The reality: one’s mindset is about 95% of the equation.

In this podcast, Chris and Cindra talk about:

· “How” to think when investing

· Why so few people invest in their mindset

· A failure that costed him $30K

· How he retired at age 40

· How to dominate the process of a successful trade

· Best ways to overcome failure


2:34 – What’s going to be discussed on the podcast.

4:36 – Chris’s passion and what he does now.

12:31 – Traits of a successful trader.

15:19: How to focus on how to think.

21:32 – What is the link between a high performance mindset and          trading/investing?

27:30 – How do successful traders deal with failure?

32:28 – When Chris has failed and what he learned from it.

41:58 –  What Cindra took away from the podcast.

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“When you write stuff down, it’s almost like the brain says ‘lets make it happen!'” – Chris Hanson
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“You have to be able to follow instructions, possess a strong work ethic, and maintain a don’t quit attitude.” – Chris Hanson
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“Focus on the process.” – Chris Hanson
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“If you treat it like a hobby, you’ll get hobby results. If you treat it like a profession, you’ll get professional results.” – Chris Hanson 
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“You don’t control the emotion, you control your reaction to that emotion.” – Chris Hanson 
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