Aligning Purpose, Power and Possibilities with Catherine Palin-Brinkworth, CSP, Professional Speaker and CEO of Progress Performance International

As the founder and CEO of business growth consultancy, Progress Performance International, Catherine has spoken in 14 countries. She has trained and mentored many thousands of emerging leaders and business owners, including many professional speakers.

Catherine is a Certified Speaking Professional and Global Speaking Fellow. She is a Past National President, Member of the Hall of Fame and Life Member with the Professional Speakers Australia. She was also a President of the Global Speakers Federation.

Catherine speaks from her own rich life and business background sharing stories of survival and strategies for growth. She inspires, encourages and enables her audiences to rethink their world, expand their visions, and reach their goals and dreams.

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In this interview, Catherine and Cindra talk about:

  • How to make sure your vision and purpose still excite you
  • Why it’s important o remember we have authority over ourselves
  • The difference between a vision and purpose
  • Why it’s important to ask ourselves “What are the possibilities?” and consider them from the parent, child, and adult perspectives
  • The best advice she has ever received when she was diagnosed with cancer as a young age


Contact Catherine on Twitter @catherinepb and Cindra on Twitter at @Mentally_Strong.



“The best advice I ever received when I was diagnosed with cancer: “This is the bump in the road. Don’t focus on the bump. Focus on life outside the bump.”@catherinepb
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“You can overcome anything with love.”@catherinepb
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“Ask yourself: ‘Am I still in love with my vision and purpose?’ If not, you can change it.”@catherinepb
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“You have authority over yourself – the author of your vision.”@catherinepb
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“Purpose = Lives inside me now. Vision = Lives in the future.”@catherinepb
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