Working on the Edge of Your Capacity with Brian Miles, Mental Performance Coordinator for the Cleveland Indians

Brian Miles recently transitioned into the role of Mental Performance Coordinator for the Cleveland Indians after being a Mental Performance Coach for their minor leagues for the past two and a half years.


In his role with the Indians, Brian works to enhance the mental and emotional development of players, and works to ensure collaboration of the mental domain amongst other disciplines within the organization.


Prior to joining the Indians, Brian worked for the United States Army as part of the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Program both at Fort Bliss (TX) and Fort Drum (NY). Brian received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Montclair State University, NJ where he played four years of college soccer. He then received his Master of Education in Psychology: Athletic Counseling from Springfield College, MA along with a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Clinical Mental Health.


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In this interview, Brian and Cindra talk about:


– What separates the world’s best
– What it means to work on the edge of your capacity
– How and why to take the ego out of your work
– How acceptance and then moving on is key to staying in the present moment
– Why routines lead to consistency
– How the best approach obstacles


You can contact Brian on Twitter at @BrianCmiles.


“The best are excellent separators. They see baseball as what they do, not who they are.” @BrianCmiles
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“What obstacle is in your way? How do you plan to respond? The best know they are not trapped
by the obstacle. They stay focused on the process and face the obstacle.” @BrianCmiles
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“The best are always work on the edge of their capacity.” @BrianCmiles
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“The ego is something we all struggle with. But the best say, “I might fail and look stupid.” But
they can laugh it off because they will be smarter tomorrow because of it.” @BrianCmiles
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