Be Perfect in Being Present with Brian Baxter, AMPlify Sport Psychology

Brian has been working with athletes and teams for over 15 years since earning his MA in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in California.

He joined Sport Psychology Institute Northwest as a sport psychology consultant in 2007, and took over as director in 2011. Now as the Director of AMPlify Sport Psychology, he is constantly evolving his craft.

Brian’s interest in sport psychology developed during his time as a high school football kicker/punter, college soccer player, and USSF C license soccer coach, where he found the mental game to be important, but under-taught. He believes strongly that training the mind is as important as training the body, and has dedicated his professional life to helping athletes achieve their goals, play up to their potential, and improve enjoyment in sports and in life.

In this podcast, Brian and Cindra talk about:

  • The mental characteristics of high level athletes
  • What gets in the way of peak performance
  • Why it’s important to be focused all on the process over the outcome
  • His Sport Mindset Spectrum and the components
  • Reactive vs proactive mindset training

4:23 – Brian’s timeline.

8:43 – Difference between the summer camps and consulting Brian does.

10:50 – What do high performers do that makes them different and  able to thrive in.

13:26 – A time Brian failed and what he learned from it.

19:10 – Where the perfectionism is coming from.

24:23 – How does being in the moment start before the moment happens?

27:53 – Brian’s spectrum and how he uses it.

35:40 – Brian’s book Game Plan, what it’s about and why he decided to write it.

38:05 – Brian’s latest book, APEX Journal.

41:39 – Cindra’s summary.

“Being in the moment happens way before it happens.” – @AMPlifySportPsy 
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“Be perfect at being present.” – @AMPlifySportPsy 
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“Go towards your passion.” – @AMPlifySportPsy 
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“The best lessons are always learned the hard way.” – @AMPlifySportPsy 
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“Think ‘I can be that type of…’ rather than ‘I’ve never been that type of …'” – @AMPlifySportPsy 
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