Attack the Process with Daily Discipline with Performance Coach, Ben Newman

Ben Newman, Performance Coach, has shared the stage with Ray Lewis, Jerry Rice, and assisted the record setting 5-straight Division I National Football Champion North Dakota State Bison.

In this inspiring and energetic interview, he talks about what separates the best from the rest. He says the best do two things:

1) Tweet this! The best have a deep connection to their purpose.

2) Tweet this! The best have the daily discipline to reach high performance.

Ben explains that the best have the Power of the Reframe and are always focused on solutions not problems. They attack the process, even though we naturally focus on results, and take adversity in real-time. They stay humble and hungry always focused on what they can control – their attitude, effort, and belief.

You can find Ben on Twitter @ContinuedFight. To get your free Mental Toughness Playbook, visit and learn more about Ben Newman at You can also find information about his group coaching at

“The best use the Power of the Reframe. They focus on solutions not problems.” @ContinuedFight
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“Stare adversity in the face & take it in real-time like the best.”  @ContinuedFight
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