Confidence is a Decision & Other Wisdom with West Point’s, Angie Fifer

Angie Fifer, Performance Excellence Trainer at the United States Military Academy at West Point, talks about all things performance. In this interview, she describes how confidence is a decision we make every moment and she shares ways to be more confident. Angie shares how athletes should have a mechanism to “let their mistakes go” which provides “unbelievable power.” Angie describes about how and when to change your attention from the outcome to the process, and how to do that. Finally, she talks about her journey to be “100% comfortable with who she is and what she brings to the table” as she crosses gender boundaries working with Army West Point Men’s Basketball, Men’s Gymnastics, and the Men’s Boxing teams. Angie also practices performance excellence herself as a marathoner, ultra marathoner, and Ironman triathlete. You can reach out to Angie on Twitter @afifer1 or email her at




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