“Perfect in Mindset. Perfect Attitude. Perfect Effort. Perfect Teammate” with Andrea Becker, Assistant Professor & Assistant Coach for USA Men’s Volleyball

Dr. Andrea Becker is an Assistant Professor at Sacramento State where she teaches courses in sport psychology such as Psychological Aspects of Peak Performance and Sport and Exercise Psychology. She also serves as an Assistant Coach (the Sport Psych Coach) for the USA Men’s Volleyball and traveled to the Rio Olympics with the team.

Andrea completed her Ph.D. in Sport Psychology at the University of Tennessee and her dissertation was on the psychology of coaching. She has published research articles examining great coaches including legendary coach, Pat Summit.

In this interview, Andrea and Cindra talk about:

  • The uniqueness of the Olympic Games
  • The pressures of social media
  • Consistent themes related to the mental game of the elite
  • Why it is essential to focus on the process
  • The importance of being vulnerable on a team
  • Her research on the best coaches including Pat Summit

You can find Andrea on twitter at @AndreaJBecker and Cindra on Twitter at @Mentally_Strong.



“The Olympic Games was the most intense sporting event I have ever been a part of.” @AndreaJBecker
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It ultimately comes down to “which team was more mentally stable for a longer period of time. I see unwavering focus and unwavering control of their emotions point after point after point.” @AndreaJBecker
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“In order to truly be together, you need trust and respect within a team. In order to build trust, you have to be truly vulnerable with one another.” @AndreaJBecker
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“The place of love in sport is so important. Love each other.” @AndreaJBecker
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“If you want to be something, be that something now!” @AndreaJBecker  
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