What Will You Do to Get What You Want? With Amber Selking, Mental Performance Consultant

Dr. Amber Selking is a mental performance consultant and founder of the Selking Performance Group. She works to emphasize the power of Mindset and Leadership to drive lasting change in businesses, on athletic teams, and in individual lives.


Amber received her PhD in applied sport psychology, with an emphasis in positive psychology and the effect of brain functioning on performance.


She currently serves as the Mental Performance Coach and Consultant to Head Coach Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame Football team, and an adjunct professor in Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

In this interview, Amber shares with us:

  • Her “Do, Better, How” exercise
  • Why visual cues and reminders are helpful
  • When to tell yourself, “I got this.”
  • What separates the world’s best from the rest
  • How “Wonder Woman” is a mindset

You can contact Amber on Twitter at @DrSelking and at www.selkingperformance.com and Cindra on Twitter at  @Mentally_Strong.

You can find a full description of the Podcast and contact information for Amber at cindrakamphoff.com/amber


“Important thoughts need to be thought about.” @DrSelking
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“At the end of each day, consider “Do, Better, How”: 3 things that went well and why, 2 things you want to do better at and how, and 1 thing you learned.” @DrSelking
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“The word’s best have a passion to be great. They will do whatever it takes. What will you do to get what you want?” @DrSelking
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“Failure is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to get better.” @DrSelking
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