4 Proven Strategies for Peak Performance from Auburn University’s Director of Counseling & Sport Psychology

Joining the Auburn family in October 2018, Dr. Adrian Ferrera provides individual mental health and performance counseling, crisis intervention, consultation and outreach on clinical issues important to student-athletes. He also develops performance enhancement workshops for small groups, coaches and teams.

Dr. Ferrera came to Auburn from the University of Washington, where he served as associate director of counseling and sport psychology. From 2014-17, he was a cognitive performance coach for U.S. Army Special Operations soldiers at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

After earning his master’s in counseling with an emphasis in sport psychology from Boston University, Ferrera earned his doctorate in sport and exercise psychology, and an additional master’s in counseling, from West Virginia University.

In this podcast, Adrian and Cindra talk about:

  • His journey to Auburn
  1. How he has approached “failure” in his own life as an opportunity
  2. Why you should protect your pin number to your confidence bank
  3. How to have difficult conversations
  4. Process focused – Key messages that lead to Auburn men’s basketball run to the Final Four

You can find Dr. Ferrera at dradrianferrera@gmail.com

“Be anxious for nothing.” – Dr. Adrian Ferrera
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“We are all dealt hands in a card game. We get to decide what to do with those cards. There are going to be times where we lose, but guess what… we get another hand.” – Dr. Adrian Ferrera
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“I don’t like to think that I have failed, I think of it as opportunities to learn.” – Dr. Adrian Ferrera
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“Your CONFIDENCE BANK consists of repetition (to feel prepared doing a task), observation (film yourself and give yourself feedback), and feedback from others (learn how to effectively take criticism).” – Dr. Adrian Ferrera
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“Just like you protect your normal bank account by keeping your pin number a secret, protect your confidence bank. Don’t give someone your pin number to your confidence bank to withdrawal from it.” – Dr. Adrian Ferrera
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“Do good work… keep it simple… TRUST YOUR PURPOSE!” – Dr. Adrian Ferrera
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