Flip the Field with Greg Coleman, Former NFL Punter, Speaker and Author

Greg Coleman is an inspirational speaker, gifted storyteller and former NFL punter, teaching leaders and business owners how to Flip the Field, get a Leg Up on Life, and Shift the Atmosphere in their companies and organizations using proven principles.

Some of his most notable distinctions are of being the first African American punter in the NFL and his induction into the 2021 class of the Black College Football Hall of Fame.

For 21 years, he served as the Sideline Analyst for the Minnesota Vikings Radio Network. He recently retired at the end of the 2021 NFL season. He recently published his first book, PUNT – Flip the Field and Get a Leg Up On Life. Greg is from Jacksonville, Florida, attended Raines HS and is a graduate of Florida A&M University.

In this podcast, Greg and Cindra talk:

  • What it means to “Flip the Field”
  • The difference between the most successful athletes and coaches
  • How we can “PUNT on Purpose” 
  • The mental tools he used to thrive for 12 years in the NFL


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